Web Design

Web design is a Web Development process for making a website that focuses on factors like user interface, layouts, and other visual imagery to make the website more visually appealing and easy to use. Everything about your website including the content, the way it looks and the way it works is determined by web design. It is a process of conceptualizing, planning, and building a collection of files that determines the colors, text styles, structure, images, graphics, layouts, and use of interactive features that deliver the page to your website visitors. Web designers make use of various programs and tools to achieve the intended look, such as Dreamweaver, Photoshop and many others. To create a winning design, Web designer needs to think about their audience, the purpose of the website and the visual appeal of the design. Professional Web design helps to make your business appear credible online.
The most common programming languages on the Web include HyperText Markup Language (
HTML), JavaScript, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor. Some are used in conjunction with each other while some can be used almost entirely separate from the other languages to create an interactive or static website. Although you may find other languages, these are the primary ones used to deliver content through a Web browser.
Responsive design frameworks have become essentially important for websites. There has already been too much buzz about the ongoing practice of using a responsive framework while initiating web designing. Because of the effectivity of these frameworks, they are becoming more popular among the developers. Responsive frameworks are far better than the non-responsive ones. Additionally, they are effective and help in the development of user-centric applications. Responsive frameworks include CSS and HTML5 tags and thus they are the best choice to create exceptional website designs. There are several best front-end frameworks available to use to create exceptional websites.

HTML Frameworks:

  • Sencha Touch
  • Foundation
  • Monaca
  • Montage

CSS Frameworks:

  • Bootstrap
  • Pure
  • Skeleton
  • Gumby

JS Frameworks:

  • Angular.js
  • Meteor.js
  • Knockout.js
  • Backbone.js

Top 5 tools that are used for web design are:
Adobe Fireworks is a commercial raster and vector graphics editor hybrid from Adobe that’s available for the Mac and Windows operating systems. Designed specifically for web designers (unlike Photoshop), Fireworks brings you a plethora of tools and options that make full web layout prototyping a breeze.
Adobe Dreamweaver is a commercial application for web development that’s available for the Mac and Windows operating systems.
Panic Coda
Panic Coda is a shareware web development application for the Mac OS X operating system. It seeks to reduce the number of applications (such as an FTP client, CSS editor, a version control system, etc.) you need to develop websites and to improve your team’s workflow. Coda’s one-window web development philosophy uses a tabbed interface for text editing, file transfers, SVN, CSS, and even “Books” which embeds searchable web books
Adobe Photoshop is a very popular commercial graphics editor available for the Mac and Windows operating systems. Created for professional photographers and designers, it is the ideal application for manipulating images and creating web graphics. Photoshop has all the necessary tools and options you need such as Filters – which automatically adds effects to your image or a selected section of your image, extensibility, and automation with Brushes, Actions and Scripting, and workflow enhancement features like Layer Comps and the Revert option.
Firefox Developer
Firefox Developer Edition is a version of Firefox specifically for web developers. As a developer, you have access to all their DevTools. Its many features include: analyzing and debugging, building and designing with CSS Grid, HTML inspector, style editor among many other tools to provide the greatest assistance with your web development needs.

Notable mentions:

  • Adobe Flash
  • Apanta
  • CSSEdit
  • Notepad++
  • GIMP

Why Web Design?

You may wonder what the importance of web design are so let’s get to know the importance of web design. Here below are few importance of web design mentioned:

  • Web design sets the first impression to your audience.
  • It will aid your SEO (Search engine optimization) strategy.
  • It sets the impression of customer service.
  • Web design will gain and build trust in audiences.
  • Because your competitors are doing it could be one more important for you to use Web design.

How can a professional web design help your online business?

  • Satisfy Customers
  • Attract search engines
  • Avoid technical glitches

By reaching out to customers and search engines alike, Web site design serves an important dual purpose that has a great impact on your online sales.

Further jobs which may become involved in the creation of a website include:

  • Graphic designers to create visuals for the site such as logos, layouts, and buttons
  • Internet marketing specialists to help maintain web presence through strategic solutions on targeting viewers to the site, by using marketing and promotional techniques on the internet
  • SEO writers to research and recommend the correct words to be incorporated into a particular website and make the website more accessible and found on numerous search engines.
  • Internet copywriter to create the written content of the page to appeal to the targeted viewers of the site.
  • User experience (UX) designer incorporates aspects of user-focused design considerations which include information architecture, user-centered design, user testing, interaction design, and occasionally visual design.

Speed of implementation comes with the right tools. You can create a website and launch it in an hour with the right resources. You save on time, effort and never miss important deadlines.Now that you are equipped with the right knowledge you can go about your web design with the assurance that you are going to produce something appealing and acceptable to most browsers.