Features of Effective Cyber security for Webapps

There’s barely any business now that don’t use computers and connect to the Internet. Companies manage an online appearance through their official websites, blogs, and social media pages.

People use online services to administer the day to day exercises like banking. And of course, many businesses are entirely based on the web like online markets, e-Commerce websites and financial services.

Every one of these activities creates opportunities for cyber-attacks. Various threats can affect websites, online services, API endpoints, and the applications practised or provided by businesses.

Such desolating attacks embrace privacy invasion, DDoS attacks, data breaches, vandalism of websites, online store shutdowns, scraping, payment fraud, exploitation of online services, and backdoor installations.

The 2019 Cost of Cybercrime Study by Accenture states that there has been a 67% increase in cyber-attacks over the last five years. The corresponding increase in financial terms is pegged at 72% or a $13 million mediocre price of cybercrime in 2018.

It simply makes precise reason to beef up cybersecurity. Robust protection is decisive for businesses of all sizes. Even small businesses can be victims. Cybercrimes are typically chaotic, and since there are more small businesses than larger ones, statistics would attest that most of the cyber-attacks tend to affect small businesses.

According to the Verizon 2019 Data Breach Investigations Report, 43% of cyber-attacks were sighted at small businesses.

Considering all the austerity and predominance of potential attacks, it’s not right to randomly pick a cybersecurity solution to have. It’s advisable to look for the following attributes or features:

Multi-feature Solution

If you are going to consume on a cybersecurity solution, make sure it’s one that is competent in directing virtually all of the possible attacks. To be fair, there is no real all-in-one cybersecurity solution available anywhere. You may find software marketed as such, but they are absurd to live up to the mark. After all, it’s tough to set the margins as to what is “all” when it grows to cyber-attacks.


Robust cybersecurity is accomplished when you are conscious of what’s going on including your computer, network, and online assets. That’s why it considerably helps if you use a tool that quickly presents a quality of useful information. These include your web traffic data, the CPU and RAM used by various applications, new programs installed, and the unique files created in your device. Choose a security solution that evolves with robust monitoring functions that operate seamlessly with the rest of your foundation. If you can promptly see your web traffic stats, for instance, you can see if something unusual is happening in your system.

Bot Management

At present, the preponderance of cyber-attacks is no longer conveyed by individual hackers. The extent of human hackers has expanded over the years, but not at the same exponential pace the number of cyber-attacks has grown. Most efforts to defeat cybersecurity protection are undertaken automatically by bots. It is expected that around 40% of Internet traffic is created by malicious bots trying to find their way inside networks, devices, or online accounts to infect. The cybersecurity solution you pick needs to be devised with bots in mind. It should have requisite anti-bot functions such as rate-limiting, signature apprehension, blacklisting, ReCaptcha, and other strategies that can detect bot action and stop them in their tracks ere they can create any injury.

Artificial Intelligence

AI and machine learning are not just about building interactive robots or virtual items competent in discussing with humans naturally. It can also be applied in strengthening cybersecurity. AI development has significantly improved that it can be trained to intensify the effectiveness and efficacy of cyber threat apprehension and restraint. With the help of deep learning algorithms, security systems can be trained to more efficiently and rapidly distinguish possible threats based on data collected from computer users worldwide.

Full Management and Support

Sequentially, give inclination to security solutions that are furnished with full management and support. You may be tech-savvy to some amount, but you may not have enough capacity to run a cybersecurity system with advanced functions. Setting up and administering a security practice takes time and can be likely to mistakes, so it’s better to give the real experts to handle it. You can just learn how it operates as you use the system, but don’t try to DIY your idea around as you try to secure your business or digital assets. Also, study about the dependability and proficiency of the support team of the solution you are contemplating. Make sure you will not be having support problems later on.


In summary, the best potential cybersecurity solution to get is one that comes with many features to deal with as many types of threats as possible. Prominently, it should be implemented with robust monitoring functions, advanced bot management, an AI-backed ability to identify and supervise threats and attacks, and competent remote management and support. Not multiple security solutions provide the aforementioned properties. Nevertheless, if you want the best possible protection for your business, you need to explore your alternatives based on the points addressed up prudently.