April Fools’ Day Pranks By Tech Companies (2021)

April Fools’ Day pranks by Tech Companies in 2021.

Everyone loves good humor, especially when pulled off immaculately? and the first day of April is a day that appeals to this nature of human trickery. This day involves rituals such as playing tricks on friends, family members, or the public and bring out the best of humor in everyone. We have been observing big tech corporations put an impressive amount of effort into the art of lying for the sake of comedy on this particular day. Such stunts have proven an effective tool of promotional strategy. Tech companies have ingenious ways of pulling off April fools’ day pranks.

The best pranks of 2021 are:

The Satechi Cybermouse (Mouse from the Future)

This mouse looks like something from the future. It runs on an electric vehicle battery and features solar charging. Modeled after the angular Tesla Cybertruck, is designed with “bulletproof Super-tough 2077 aluminum” and promises to be more durable than whatever Tesla used to make its Cybertruck windows. The mouse from the future may be the next big thing this April fools’ day. 


Duolingo Toilet Paper Rolls

Duolingo is one of the best apps out there to learn a language from. The new Duolingo Roll makes it easier to learn Spanish when in the loo with this new toilet paper roll feature. Thanks to its printed lessons, the paper guarantees a fruitful and productive five-minute break to the bathroom. Learn a new language this April fool’s day or gift it to linguist enthusiasts.  Keep the paper rolls rolling.

Copy-Paste keys for programmers (The Key)

Programmers can now avoid the time-consuming task of writing unique code by hand. The Key has designed the keyboard with only the key features required by the programmers. This will replace the click and clacking sounds of the keyboard and help optimize programmers’ optimization and work efficiency. This product is available for pre-order now on this April fool’s day, you can place your orders here.

The Key


TaskRabbits (Hiring a helping hand this April fools’ day along with a fluffy assistant)

TaskRabbit has come up with a plan to provide extra assistance with your work. Hired people (helpers) are accompanied by friendly bunnies to keep you company while the hired person will focus on the task to be done. To make it up for its April fool’s day joke. TaskRabbit provides a 10% discount with the discount code APRILFOOLS off your next task.

Redbox Redball (Movie Binge on April Fools’ Day)

Redbox Redball gives you the alternative of renting movies just with a click. Just order a movie from the RedBall app and wait for the RedBall to roll up at your doorsteps. It is fast, easy and renting any movie is now just a click away.

You can save up to 1$ on a Redbox rental with coupon code APRILFOOLS and enjoy your movies this April fool’s day.