Software Testing Vs Debugging

Time and again, in many conversations, people ask the question to software testing candidates that explain to them about what is the exact difference between Software Testing and Debugging. For a layman, both technologies are the same but these are two separate terms. The difference between Testing and Debugging are the most important terms for … Read more

How to Prevent a Security Breach?

As time progresses, it is becoming a regular story to hear about security breaches worldwide. Consumers are entirely oblivious to the nature of security breaches. So, companies have to be upgrading their data security. Right? After all, data breaches are extremely costly and can encompass millions of dollars and also negatively affect a company’s reputation … Read more

Features of Effective Cyber security for Webapps

There’s barely any business now that don’t use computers and connect to the Internet. Companies manage an online appearance through their official websites, blogs, and social media pages. People use online services to administer the day to day exercises like banking. And of course, many businesses are entirely based on the web like online markets, … Read more

Key Principles That Will Make Your Web Design Look Fancy

Web design introduces to the design of websites that are displayed on the internet. It ordinarily refers to the user experience appearances of website development rather than software development. Web design used to be concentrated on designing websites for desktop browsers; although, since the mid-2010s, design for mobile and tablet browsers has become ever-increasingly important. … Read more

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is the on-demand availability of computer system resources, uniquely data storage and computing power, without uninterrupted active management by the user. The phrase is ordinarily used to describe data centres available to many users over the Internet. It is the use of hardware and software to fulfil a service over a network. With … Read more

Top WordPress Plugins for 2020

WordPress is the most traditional way to build a website for a reason. If you want to build any type of website, from a blog to an eCommerce store, WordPress is a great option. It is an open-source content administration system permitted under GPLv2, which means that anyone can use or alter the WordPress software … Read more

Top React Admin Templates for 2020

An admin panel is an indispensable tool that grants you to monitor various stuff. Everything from your stats to counters tenants in the admin panel. Without dashboards, you can still live. But it will be your illusion to use it. Therefore, there are remarkable admin templates that we can use to advance our experience. We … Read more

10 Programming Mistakes To Avoid

Programming is all about working smart and finding efficient ways to build useful software. Whether you’re creating software programs, web apps or mobile apps the sources of programming remain the same. The contemptible dozen of application development traps and how to avoid these all-too-common programming oversights. If you need any better proof that code is … Read more

Application Programming Interface (API)

An Application Programming Interface is an interface or communication protocol between different parts of a computer program intended to explain the implementation and sustaining of software. An API may be for a web-based system, operating system, database system, computer hardware, or software library. API is the acronym for Application Programming Interface, which is a software … Read more

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance (QA) is a way of preventing mistakes and defects in manufactured products and avoiding problems when delivering products or services to customers; which ISO 9000 defines as “part of quality management focused on providing confidence that quality requirements will be met”. This defect prevention in quality assurance differs subtly from defect exposure and … Read more